Okay, we're moving, slash moved. The phone guy couldn't... phone, so no internet or phone for like, a long time. We have TV, which means I've taken to taping episodes of True Life, putting them on DVDs and playing them on the laptop that Santa brought me. This is even more pathetic than usual.I miss having human contact and I will be insane within a few days. My mum keeps saying "Why don't you invite someone over?" but when it comes down to it, no one's around. Seriously, Em, Jules, Flyer, pick up your damn phones!

If you need me, you're gonna have to scream very loud, because there is no way of contacting me short of showing up at my new house. Oh, and my dad's cell, but he'll flip.

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My dad is in the hospital, his leg is infected again. I know almost nothing, it happened last night, and I won't be around much except school because when we're not at the hospital we're waiting for the phone to ring, and I've already been on three minutes.